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Permaculture Ecovillage
The Earthaven Ecovillage logo
Learn more about the Permaculture ecovillage of Earthaven in western North Carolina USA, by visiting the Earthaven community web site.

These pages contain the full run of photos taken at the Work Day and Top-It-Off Party at the Armstrong-Allison's shipping pallet house at Earthaven. In reality, these photos reflect just some of what was going on during this great day. Sohodojo Jim and Timlynn were working away with everyone else and only able to grab the camera and snap photos on a 'catch as catch can' basis.

These summary pages have up to a dozen thumbnail images on them. Each thumbnail image (about 6-12K each) links to a larger image (50-80K each) for better detail. Even the larger images are significant reductions of the full high-resolution photos (150-880K each). If you see a photo that you particularly like and want the full image, don't hesitate to ask.

Pick Your Favorites

Have a favorite photo that you think captures the spirit of the day or of Earthaven? Tell us which one so we can feature it on our various web sites. Just click this link to tell us your favorite photos.

Peace and Happiness,
Sohodojo Jim and Timlynn
Supporting Members, Earthaven Ecovillage
Founders, 3RBuilders.Net
Founders and Research Directors, Sohodojo

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